Playlist of the Day: OnRepeat

SO, when I like a song, I listen to the shit out of it.

And, as is often the case, I will put a selected track on repeat and enjoy it 3 or 4x on my daily walk to work.

Recently, my collection of ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Them’ songs has grown to such an extent that I have been able to create a modest playlist–OnRepeat.

Without shame or embarrassment, I now share the current CGEOT title holders:

Christianne Noll “Back To Before” RAGTIME THE MUSICAL

Idina Menzel “What I Did For Love” from A CHORUS LINE

Jennifer Hudson “I’m Here” from THE COLOR PURPLE THE MUSICAL

Gavin Creel “I’ve Been” from NEXT TO NORMAL

Sherie Rene Scott “My Strongest Suit” from AIDA

Jeremy Jordan “I Am Yours” & “Carry Me Up”

Oh yea, did I mention most of them are from musicals?


They get better each time you listen!


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A Little Midday Music

SO, last night my co-worker/friend/fellow broadway stalker, Flips, sent me a zip file of a concert performed by Idina Menzel and Marvin Hamlisch, accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, in DC last weekend.

After squealing with delight upon opening the email, I made the difficult decision to wait to listen until this morning’s train ride into work. As hard as it was to ignore the fact that I had 22 new live Idina songs sitting on my iPod with the play count at “0,” I knew that if I could just hold out until 8:35am, my ears would thank me–they are, after all, used to hearing the bells and whistles of metro north/the snores of fellow drowsy passengers.

And, alas, when I put my earphones in, as the train departed the Pleasantville station, I was overcome with an incredible sense of joy!
Not only does Idina perform some of the most well-known songs from her Broadway past, but also she dives into some stage/screen classics that seem to have been written for her.

Of course, my expert Youtube surfing skills were put to good use today as I scanned the interweb (thanks Sarah) to find a video of my favorite performance of the lot.

Even though this is not from her Nov. 30 DC performance, it is from an earlier date in the same concert series. Her rendition of “No Day But Today” from RENT is gorgeous, as well as the cause of my emotional outburst on the train this morning.

Beautiful from head to toe to throat, here’s Idina:


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It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This Video

SO, this video is over a week old, but I just Gawked across it today.

Over the past couple of weeks celebrities across the country have been uploading their “It Gets Better” videos to Youtube. While most of them are heartfelt and inspiring, none of them even touch the the shoelaces of the one made by Fort Worth, Texas councilman, Joel Burns.

During a city council meeting, Councilman Burns took the time to show pictures/tell stories of the recent teenagers who took their own lives on account of bullying.

Mr. Burns then went on to tell a VERY personal story from his childhood, during which he unearthed details of which he had never before spoken.

Not only is this video incredibly touching and seeping with emotion, but also it is the first one where strength is not just encouraged, but exemplified.

Get the Kleenex ready.

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How I Met Your European Man

SO, there are few words to describe the awkwardness that is Katherine Chloe Cahoon.

Her entire video is as over-the-top as her annunciation.

But, I think we can all agree that her subject matter is incredibly important to the human race.

Jeez, if this biddy can write a book, I’m 98% sure anyone can.


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Mondotek Jr.

Holy crackerjacks!

This kid is a ba-nana split straight off the kid’s menu.

Everyone knows I love to dance, and monolooping like this just so happens to be a specialty of mine.

Monoloop (v): to dance by oneself on the corner of a public dance floor.

Any true monolooper knows the importance of packing some French tecktonik-style moves in his dance arsenal.

Now, thanks to this incredible video, Youtube has shown the world that it is never too early to start training the next generation of monoloopers.

Check out this adorable dancer work it out to Mondotek’s “Alive.”


***If you haven’t seen the actual music vid to “Alive,” you MUST watch it here!

(I plan to dress as Jey-Jey next Halloween. Bam.)

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A Little (ba-nanas) Night Music.

Holy Crap.

These home skillets are off the chain!

OK, this vid may have been posted in October of ’09, but it’s a fresh-picked ba-nana for me!

Gabz, Chris and Ashley are The Shures, the self-proclaimed “World’s FIRST Internet Band.”

This particular performance of Brit’s “3” goes above and beyond the average Internet cover…

Love the headphones, love the swaying, love the voices…though, their sexy faces can use some work.

Seriously, check out The Shures’ Youtube page for hours of Internet frolicking/fun covers.

Everybody love counting. EnjoY.

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Dance Superstar.

So, this is a little bit of a delayed reaction, but last Thursday night Ellen Degeneres got buck!!!

Here’s the comedienne/talk show host/former Idol judge performing at the SYTYCD finale alongside former contestant/all star/star of Step Up 3D, Twitch.

Yes, this Nappytabs-choreographed routine might look familiar to a loyal COL reader…yup, I’ve blogged about it before…sorta! This is actually Ellen’s tribute to fallen contestant Alex, who had to bow out of the competition due to a torn Achilles tendon 😦

Watch Ellen break it down below!


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You’re a Stupid Bark.


SO, while this is not my favorite vid from the Second City squad, it’s still sassy as ever!

It just goes to show that everything (not just everyone) needs a gay friend to help with reality checks and setups.


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I bet I can make you laugh…

Just came across this SNL gem!

Hopefully, this vid will answer the age old question…whaaaat?

EnjoY. Happy almost 4th of July…

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