Correctile Disfunction

I’m not embarrassed to say that my favorite show currently on television is ‘The Good Wife,’ starring the bad-ass Julianna Margulies and the good-assed Josh Charles. And, I’m even less embarrassed to admit that I look forward to Jada Yuan’s dynamite recaps on NY Mag’s Vulture page every Wednesday.

In yesterday’s post, Jada expressed excitement over more screen time for Teri Polo’s scorned politician’s wife, Lana Timmerman. The line made me pause, because I hadn’t noticed any appearance by First Lady Helen Santos (#mmhmm) thus far in the second season. In fact, I had commented out loud to myself during the previous night’s episode that the actress portraying Lana had a weird face—-something I’ve NEVER said about Teri Polo–and then proceeded to look her up on IMDB (sorry, Rebecca Brooksher).

So, needless to say, when I saw Jada’s line in her otherwise delicious recap, I felt compelled to comment publicly about it on her blog. In an effort to question Ms. Yuan with respect, I resorted to humor:

cbnadler: question: is ‘tgw’ pulling a fresh prince, and re-casting lana timmerman after she’s already made an on-screen appearance? we saw rebecca brooksher play her last night, but are they ousting her for helen santos???? i’m okay with it!

And, until this morning, my user comment had gone unanswered. But alas, when I turned on my comp at work to check the page–as I had been doing every 10 minutes or so since I posted the query–I got a shout-out from the super-star recapper herself:

Jada Yuan (NYMAG): @cbnadler – Whoa, I totally thought that was Teri Polo. My bad.

Not only did Jada give me an @cbnadler, but also a retraction of the incorrect line.



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