‘Parks And Rec’ Is Back With the Funny

In honor of last night’s season 3 premiere of my favorite NBC comedy–sorry Steve, Tina and Alec–‘Parks And Recreation,’ I have decided to list out the TOP 10 reasons as to why this particular single-camera sitcom is the fairest in all the land.

10. A simple premise–local government in middle America–that seems inherently unfunny, but is actually hi-larious

9. A large ensemble cast with fully-realized characters, all of whom are respected series regulars

8. Aubrey Plaza

7. The writers do not rely on humor extremes–being crude, offensive or physical–for a each and every laugh

6. Aziz Ansari

5. Fresh–(and sexy and permanent)–meat is introduced to the cast after an appropriate amount of time (two seasons) in the form of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott

4. Nick Offerman

3. A centralized theme that viewers can rally around–the survival of the Parks Department–is omnipresent (in some form) in each episode

2. The show took its time to find its stride–after a less than promising first season, ‘P&R’ came back with an ever-progressing sophomore year–and didn’t settle for anything less than the best

1. Amy Poehler

If you’re not watching the show, you best get on this laugh train now.

’nuff said

The season 3 promo:


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