Do-Re-Mi oh my!

SO, this video flirts the line between ba-nanas and apple!

I’m not sure what’s cooler- the fact that the 200 dancers only rehearsed this stunt twice, or that at minute 2:15 maria von trapp is in da club!


I mean, if this doesn’t make you smile, what will?


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Don’t be tardy for the party (unless kim’s performing)!


Holy mother.

The fact that this is real is appleAPPLE.

Check out the first (and probably only) single from wig wearing, chain smoking, white wine sipping Kim Zolciak (of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fame)

SO, I like this song because:

1. Kim sounds like a southern robot.

2. It was produced by grammy-winning song writer Kandi Burrus (also of RHOA fame).

3. It’s called Tardy for the Party. bam. nbd.

I don’t like this song because:

***Ryan Seacrest’s name keeps invading my eardrums.

Enjoy. I know you will. Even if you deny it.

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