Work Hard, Play Hard, Dance Hard.

…and this is why I love going to work each and every day!

MTV Staff Members Do Viral Dances

(Watch me whip. my. hair.)


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Someone Like THIS GIRL

Oh Connie Talbot. Little Connie Talbot.

We thought we had seen it all when you melted Simon Cowell’s cold–because it’s only covered by a thin layer of  tight t-shirt cotton even in the winter–heart with your performance of Over The Rainbow on “Britain’s Got Talent” a few moons back.

But no, you were not done. You were like, “Yeah, I’m cute an’ all, but I’ve got badder pipes than that.”

Badder pipes indeed, Connie. So, like all former reality stars, you turned on your video camera, pointed it at yourself, and uploaded the finished product to Youtube.

And we are thankful you did.

Check out Connie’s creepy–because she’s only 10 and the song’s about still being in love with your already-moved on ex–and hauntingly beautiful cover of Adele’s Someone Like You.

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Some Mid-Morning Tears

I don’t have much to say about this video, mainly because it speaks for itself.

I have a hard time trashing reality television after it introduces us to a guy like Chris:

Now, that’s what I call a man.

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Playlist of the Day: OnRepeat

SO, when I like a song, I listen to the shit out of it.

And, as is often the case, I will put a selected track on repeat and enjoy it 3 or 4x on my daily walk to work.

Recently, my collection of ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Them’ songs has grown to such an extent that I have been able to create a modest playlist–OnRepeat.

Without shame or embarrassment, I now share the current CGEOT title holders:

Christianne Noll “Back To Before” RAGTIME THE MUSICAL

Idina Menzel “What I Did For Love” from A CHORUS LINE

Jennifer Hudson “I’m Here” from THE COLOR PURPLE THE MUSICAL

Gavin Creel “I’ve Been” from NEXT TO NORMAL

Sherie Rene Scott “My Strongest Suit” from AIDA

Jeremy Jordan “I Am Yours” & “Carry Me Up”

Oh yea, did I mention most of them are from musicals?


They get better each time you listen!

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I Have Never Laughed So Hard In My Entire Life.

SO, my co-worker Casey just sent this to me, and in the last 20 minutes I have dropped it like it’s hot all over the interwebz–fbook, twitter, aim–without coming up for air.

In all honesty, I can’t remember a when I’ve laughed so hard.

Prepare yourselves.

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It’s J-Hud’s World.

Holiest mother of ba-nanas.

Jennifer Hudson has been laying low recently–most likely due to to motherhood duties–and only gracing the small screen every so often to show off her svelter frame for Weight Watchers.

But at long last, our beloved diva is back…and belting.

Here she is performing Aretha Franklin’s legendary power track Respect at the ceremony honoring Tina Fey with the “Mark Twain Prize For Humor” in Washinton, DC.

The bod. The hair. The voice.

I loves it all.


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A Little Midday Music

SO, last night my co-worker/friend/fellow broadway stalker, Flips, sent me a zip file of a concert performed by Idina Menzel and Marvin Hamlisch, accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, in DC last weekend.

After squealing with delight upon opening the email, I made the difficult decision to wait to listen until this morning’s train ride into work. As hard as it was to ignore the fact that I had 22 new live Idina songs sitting on my iPod with the play count at “0,” I knew that if I could just hold out until 8:35am, my ears would thank me–they are, after all, used to hearing the bells and whistles of metro north/the snores of fellow drowsy passengers.

And, alas, when I put my earphones in, as the train departed the Pleasantville station, I was overcome with an incredible sense of joy!
Not only does Idina perform some of the most well-known songs from her Broadway past, but also she dives into some stage/screen classics that seem to have been written for her.

Of course, my expert Youtube surfing skills were put to good use today as I scanned the interweb (thanks Sarah) to find a video of my favorite performance of the lot.

Even though this is not from her Nov. 30 DC performance, it is from an earlier date in the same concert series. Her rendition of “No Day But Today” from RENT is gorgeous, as well as the cause of my emotional outburst on the train this morning.

Beautiful from head to toe to throat, here’s Idina:


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So You Think You Can Dance, Eh?

SO, we might have to wait until next summer for the deliciousness that is SYTYCD, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get our fill of insane choreography, brilliant dancers and awe-inspiring performances from its international brothers and sisters.

Over the past couple of seasons, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ here in the states has “borrowed” choreographer Stacey Tookey many times from our sibling up north, SYTYCD: Canada.

Apparently, this exchange program is dual-sided, and it was time for 2-time Emmy Award-winning choreo–and the Simon Cowell of So You Think You Can–Mia Michaels to grab her winter coat and moose and head to Canadia.

Check out her absolutely ba-nanas interpretation of the RENT classic “Will I.”

This vid is almost perfection, save Canada’s version of a poor-man’s Cat Deeley telling Mia that she is proud of her. Um, step back, blondie, Mia don’t need yo praise.


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It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This Video

SO, this video is over a week old, but I just Gawked across it today.

Over the past couple of weeks celebrities across the country have been uploading their “It Gets Better” videos to Youtube. While most of them are heartfelt and inspiring, none of them even touch the the shoelaces of the one made by Fort Worth, Texas councilman, Joel Burns.

During a city council meeting, Councilman Burns took the time to show pictures/tell stories of the recent teenagers who took their own lives on account of bullying.

Mr. Burns then went on to tell a VERY personal story from his childhood, during which he unearthed details of which he had never before spoken.

Not only is this video incredibly touching and seeping with emotion, but also it is the first one where strength is not just encouraged, but exemplified.

Get the Kleenex ready.

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Beat-in’ Down The White House

SO, this is really cool!

The Obama Administration has made Arts education a priority in their platform, and here’s a prime example of talking the talk AND walking the walk–an in-house musical theatre revue as part of the White House Concert Series.

Check out a performance of the ‘Hairspray’ finale “You Can’t Stop The Beat” by Danielle Arci and Constantine Rousouli (from the Nat’l Touring Co.), and accompanied by students from The Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and the Joy of Motion dance center in DC.

So fun!



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