Review: Shamelessly Optimistic

SO, last night was the premiere of SHOWTIME’s “own” ‘Shameless,’ an Americanized re-telling of the popular British comedy.

The show’s got some big names–Bill Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin & Joan Cusack–as well as Reba’s own Steve Howey.

As far as a pilot goes, the ep. did a good job introducing the show’s central Gallagher family–highlighting all of their quirky vices–and unearthing a few nuggets of the clan’s past to keep viewers wanting more.

My only major problem with the pilot was that it gave us two-episodes worth of plot in one single hour. I enjoyed the fast pace of the show, as it fits nicely with the chaotic world of the main characters, but each storyline felt a bit rushed.

The nudity, debauchery and misfit adventures are sure to keep a steady audience watching week-to-week, but it’s the unapologetic introduction of a VERY unlikable paternal figure and the incredibly honest portrayal of the bond between brothers and sisters–especially Lip and Ian–that will keep my ass glued to the couch on Sunday nights.

Check out the trailer:


January 10, 2011. Tags: , , , , . TV.

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