The New King of Thieves?

OK, so I watched this clip thinking that I was going to get a good dose of re-incarnated Disney magic, but ended up slightly confused. I’m not entirely sure how this version is anything like the classic, but Bollywood + Aladdin is a winning combination for me! Ba-nanas.

ps. for those of you who aren’t familiar with my fruit vocabulary, here is a quick and dirty rundown:

ba-nanas- intensely satisfying, a-mazing

apples- mind-blowing, fosters speechlesness

grapes- incredibly awkward (in a bad way)

watermelon- incredibly awkward (in a good way)

papaya- unnerving, unsatisfying, unsettling (per ex, Kanye West’s interruption at the VMAs was papaya)


September 20, 2009. Tags: , , . Trailers.

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